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They brought it to me at work shut it off and it started right back up. Now it is not starting again. Just the click. We tried pushing fuses down, still nothing. Someone said it is my starter.

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But we cannot find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Do you. You flexed the fuse box, that affected the problem, so it is the starter? You are going to have to explain that logic to me. In vehicles with a manual transmission, the clutch pedal switch completes the starter motor circuit when pressed.

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In cars with an automatic transmission, the transmission range switch allows the starter operation only when a transmission is in Park or Neutral. The job of the transmission range switch is to tell the vehicle computer PCM which gear the transmission is in. If your car has a gear indicator on the dash, you might be able to see when a transmission range indicator is not working. Advertisement The most common problem is when you shift the transmission into "Park" and the letter "P" doesn't show on the dash.

This means that the vehicle computer PCM doesn't know that the transmission is in "Park" and will not allow the starter to operate.

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The symptom of this problem is when the vehicle starts in Neutral, but doesn't start in "Park". This problem is often caused by a corroded or seized cable, or cable lever see the photo. The rust at restricts the cable movement and prevents the switch from working properly.

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The solution is to lubricate the cable connection point and, if needed, replace rusted parts. The transmission range switch position might need to be readjusted too. Starting system problems Starting system problems are common and not all of them are caused by a faulty starter motor. To find the cause of the problem, the starting system must be properly tested.

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What you should know when buying a used car How to get the best deal on a used car? How to inspect a used car How to check the engine when buying a used car What mileage is OK for a used car? Starter solenoid. The starter motor is a series, compound, or permanent magnet type electric motor with a solenoid and solenoid operated switch mounted on it.

When low- current power from the starting battery is applied to the starter solenoid, usually through a key -operated switch, the solenoid closes high-current contacts for the starter motor and it starts to run. Once the engine starts, the key-operated switch is opened and the solenoid opens the contacts to the starter motor. All modern starters rely on the solenoid to engage the starter drive with the ring gear of the flywheel. When the solenoid is energized, it operates a plunger or lever which forces the pinion into mesh with the ring gear.

The pinion incorporates a one way clutch so that when the engine starts and runs it will not attempt to drive the starter motor at excessive RPM.

Some older starter designs, such as the Bendix drive , used the rotational inertia of the pinion to force it along a helical groove cut into the starter drive-shaft, and thus no mechanical linkage with the solenoid was required. If a starter solenoid receives insufficient power from the battery, it will fail to start the motor, and may produce a rapid clicking sound. The lack of power can be caused by a low battery, by corroded or loose connections in the battery cable, or by a damaged positive red cable from the battery.

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  • The first indication your starter may be going bad is at the moment you try to start your car..
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