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The buttons that allow you to provide cemetery data directly to AAFA are located in several places. In the header for each county listing, you will see an Add Record button, which allows you to add an interment record in a cemetery that does not appear in the county listing. When you submit a record using this button, the AAFA Data Manager will create the new cemetery, and add the interment record.

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It may take several days for the submission to appear on the website, but rest assured the Data Manager is updating records as rapidly as possible. There is also an Add Record button in the heading for each cemetery in the county listing. This button also generates a form for the submission of a new record in the cemetery in which the button is included. We put this button on the opposite side of the cemetery heading to help distinguish it from the Add Record to County button described in the preceding paragraph. Each of the buttons described above generates a form in a new window of your web browser.

The forms provide blanks for you to fill in to add to or correct our data. Each form has detailed instructions for entering your data to submit to us. AAFA values your contributions to our data collection efforts, and will be as responsive as possible in posting your data to the website. Each form has a check box that allows to you to tell us whether to credit your name in our sources for the data you provide. AAFA has included the names of parents and spouses whenever they can be identified. Please provide any information that you may have where we have incorrect or missing information.

Not included in this report is information pertaining to sources and references.

Benson County ND Genealogy

Those who have need for this data may email a request to Wayne Parrish. Abbreviations, all of which may not be in this list, are: b.

Free North Dakota Genealogy Records Online

The reference number to the left of each name is a permanent reference number to that interment, and will remain the same when the report is updated. You may refer to the reference number with comments or corrections to the project manager. The Family reference will usually be either a single set of 8 alphanumeric characters or two such sets. If there are two sets, e.

Generally, we try to choose the intermediate ancestor so that his date of birth is around If there is a single set, e. We are making a concerted effort to ensure that the intermediate and ultimate ancestor are the subjects of genealogies on the AAFA internet website.

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  5. For some counties, you will find an "Unknown" Cemetery at the end of the county listing. These are interments that we have not been able to locate in a named cemetery.

    Benson County, North Dakota Genealogy

    Obituaries and even death certificates frequently do not contain the cemetery location. Just click the Relocate button to the right of the interment entry. A very short form will open in a new window, and you can enter the correct cemetery name, county and state if necessary , your name and email address, and send it directly to us. You may click on a county name to jump directly to that county listing.

    There is also an index of names and an index of cemeteries. Fort Totten, was established in for the Sioux tribe. Other communities in Benson County are St. Michael and Tokio. More Info When North Dakota became a state in , one half the population was foreign born and one third of these were from Norway. Looking for Information!

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