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I think that is especially true in this situation because in the same call I complained that my caller ID blocking was repeatedly turned off no matter how many times I turned it back on.

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So far, it appears that issue has been resolved. The tech who called me yesterday evening suggested I just change the number of the second line every time a directory update was made. She had no idea how often those updates will take place, whether it is annually, daily, hourly or constantly. The TSR I first spoke with called me mid-week to say she had received an answer to her internal email query and that it assured her it is not possible to have two non-published numbers and that one could be non-pub but the other had to be listedcould not even be unlisted, much less non-pub.

That was so illogical that the following day I called the number and selected the option to add new service. There was hardly any wait time at all for that option. The representative who took the call assured me that both numbers could, of course, be non-pub if I was willing to pay the monthly charge for them.

She then proceeded to enter the order but it was rejected with the explanation that only one number could be non-pub but the other could indeed be unlisted. I agreed to that arrangement even though the second number has already been published, in print and on-line.


I know that is true because I have checked both directories and also because we have been receiving calls from Chase Bank about a delinquent account. I never knew my name was so common, but Chase Bank appears to be calling every person in the country who shares my first and last name. I told the most recent Chase bill collector that one of the happiest days of my entire life was thirty-five years ago when I severed my last business connection with his bankfrom which I never borrowed a cent during our short relationship.

Anyway, we have also been having trouble with Caller ID blocking. I turn it on using the on-line Phone Features menu and, after a day or so, it gets turned off. The TSRs turn it on from their end and a day, or even a few hours, later it gets turned off. The right hand hasn't a clue what the left hand is doing or which answer to give out on which day. So that's where it stands for now and on Monday a line tech is supposed to appear at our front door.

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Ask a question. Turn on suggestions. Published on: 12 September at a. NSTN announces the launch of its new reverse cell and reverse non-published phone listings. As the credit and collections industry evolves, NSTN understands that not all customers maintain a traditional land line any longer. At unprecedented industry pricing, NSTN clients will now have the ability to reverse cell phone and non published phone listings, via online access or in a batch environment.

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Coupled with the recent employment searches, phone and social searches, the new NSTN product addition will create a more global? N-Tel provides access to the millions of telephone records that are added, deleted or amended within the directory assistance databases of all the Regional Bell Operating Companies. NSTN provides real-time, instant access to over million U.

The N-Search database provides access to over 1 billion current and historical records, allowing users to browse through these records instantly. Often times people will hire our investigator and then use our database or another database like searchbug or intelius and receive conflicting information.

The problem is that often the information is conflicting because the database got the older info and the investigator got the most current info. Sometimes you can get lucky with a database search.

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There are many reliable private databases used by many companies with great success. However, when you know you need accurate reverse phone number information and you want a human to speak with and do the work, most professionals turn to us.