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Growing up in Nacogdoches, Tex.

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Her mother, Margo Williams, now 65, had sought help from Dr. Kim McMorries, telling him that her husband was infertile. She asked the doctor to locate a sperm donor. He told Mrs.

Confessions of a Cryokid: How to search for your sperm donor father

Williams that he had found one through a sperm bank in California. Williams gave birth to a daughter, Eve. Now 32, Ms. Wiley is a stay-at-home mother in Dallas. In and , like tens of millions of Americans, she took consumer DNA tests.

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The results? Her biological father was not a sperm donor in California, as she had been told — Dr. McMorries was. The news left Ms. Wiley reeling. Wiley said. Through his attorney and the staff at his office, Dr. McMorries declined to comment. With the advent of widespread consumer DNA testing, instances in which fertility specialists decades ago secretly used their own sperm for artificial insemination have begun to surface with some regularity.

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  5. Three states have now passed laws criminalizing this conduct, including Texas, which now defines it as a form of sexual assault. Jody Madeira, a law professor at Indiana University, is following more than 20 cases in the United States and abroad. Jan Karbaat, fathered 56 children, born to women who visited his clinic outside Rotterdam.

    Dutch authorities closed his practice in , and he died in April at age An attorney for Dr. Vandervoodt, a lawyer in Rotterdam. There was no registration system at the time. Norman Barwin, 80, and reprimanded him for repeatedly using the wrong sperm — including his own — in artificial insemination procedures over decades.

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    The college found that he had inseminated at least 11 women with his own sperm. In addition, scores of donor children claim they were conceived with the wrong sperm at Dr.

    He told one woman that he had used his sperm to calibrate a clinic instrument and that this contamination explained her conception. The number of doctors sounds less like a few bad apples and more like a generalized practice of deception, largely hidden until recently by a mix of low-tech and high stigma.

    Donald Cline, a fertility specialist in Indianapolis, used his own sperm to impregnate at least three dozen women in the s and s, according to state prosecutors. Based on DNA testing, 61 people now claim he is their biological father. Cline, who retired in , pleaded guilty to two felony obstruction of justice charges and admitted that he had lied to state investigators.

    He surrendered his medical license and was given a one-year suspended sentence. Prosecutors said they were not able to press for a tougher sentence for a simple reason: In Indiana, as in most states, there were no laws prohibiting this conduct. In May, Indiana passed a law that makes using the wrong sperm a felony and gives victims the right to sue doctors for it. Patients may sidestep the statute of limitations in these cases, bringing legal action up to five years after the fraud is discovered, rather than after it took place.

    For example, if the insemination takes place at home, even without intercourse, if a physician was not involved in the process, the donor is not protected by this law. Some states give the additional heightened protection of the revision of the UPA, and do not require there to be a physician involved in order to find that a sperm donor is not liable for child support. For a donor to receive protection under this law, it is only required that there be a pre-conception agreement that the donor is not the legal father.

    However, under both versions of the UPA, anonymous donors are not distinguished from donors who are not anonymous, and problems will often arise in situations in which the donor and the mother know each other or if the donor later becomes involved in the childs life.

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    Depending on the facts of the situation, a court may find that the donor is not protected by the UPA. There are several factors that courts will consider in these situations. These factors include the anonymity of the donor and if the involved parties have entered a non-payment agreement. An unknown donor is typically one who donates his sperm to a sperm bank, maintains his anonymity, and has no contact with the child. In other words, the closer the donor is to being unknown, the more willing courts have been to uphold the agreement for non-payment of child support.

    These actions have been as simple as sending the child cards signed "Dad", as well as being listed on the birth certificate. Attempts to create an agreement that only gives the donor limited parental rights have often backfired.

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