How to find out private calls

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Scam and spam call protection is getting even better.

Joined Jul 18, Messages 4, If you post your friend's number here, we might be able to help Bosvark Expert Member. Joined Sep 30, Messages 2, Have to go to cops and open a case of harassment. They investigate, find the person and make a case of harassmsnet agains him.

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Goes to court from there and can be a long costly story and the guy can be sent to jail or fined. I had the same problem, but had no clue who it was.

How to Hide Your Number When Calling and Texting - Hushed

I called Vodacom and they asked me to go to the cops - the cops explained the rest Archie1 Well-Known Member. Joined Feb 7, Messages Or you can go to intertel. Basically, from what I understand, when a private number calls her, the call gets rerouted to them and they unblock it. Joined Jan 14, Messages 1, Joined Apr 17, Messages 7, Your friend can simply choose not to answer calls from "private number".

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Why do people feel obliged to answer calls on their cellphones come hell or high water? Personally I never answer any calls on my cellphone from private numbers or from numbers that aren't in my contact list. If it's important they'll leave a message. This means I have the luxury of never having to deal with sales or marketing calls.

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Joined Jan 14, Messages I cannot simply ignore private number calls, because I'm on call from my work and therefore have to. So that may not be an option for this lady either. And yeah, that means I've got a lot of practice putting my phone on mute and letting those sales and marketing callers figure it out and drop the call. Joined Jan 22, Messages 77, If you use a cell phone, try this little trick. Log on to your cell phone web account that lists all the numbers that called your mobile phone.

Blocked numbers often appear in these records unmasked. So, by checking the records against the exact time when you received the call from an unknown number, you may well see the number that appeared as Blocked on your Caller ID. The working trick here is that numbers cannot be masked when calling a toll free number. You can set the forwarding yourself by acquiring a cheap toll free number or you can use a service like TrapCall to do the job for you.

I got a call with no number. I have no idea why this worries me except that the young american person who called I'm american too said, "You don't recognize my voice anymore, grandma? Naturally this will eat at me.. Between us we have only 3 grandsons. Mine is sleeping, or was before I knocked on his door asking if he pranked me, and my mothers - 1 in is prison, the other is older and never calls.

This was a young guy.. He kept saying, "You don't recognize your grandsons voice? I said "this is XXX my first name and, what is yours? This is driving me insane. But if it was my mom's grandson he would have known my name and realized he had the wrong grandma. Yet he got under my skin and I will admit I am a tiny bit freaked out - wondering - what if my moms prisoner grandson got a cell somehow it happens in prisons and was trying to communicate?

Logic dictates that he'd have known it was me If this was a prank call - it's one of the best i have ever seen. I am a recipient of "The Grandparent's Scam.

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If all of these codes fail call your local telephone company to get the codes specific to the company you use. Stop private numbers from getting through. Most phone companies offer services such as call block, call rejection, call trap or call screening. Call your phone service provider to find out what is available in your area. If a person calls from a private number, your phone will require the individual to identify the number before getting through. These services are not always available in rural areas. Hang up on private callers.

If you simply don't want to hear from private callers you always have the option to hang up the phone. Even if you have a call screening service some people will enter all zeros just to get through.