Blocking neighbor listening with cordless phone

If he shifted stations, he would just slowly change the frequency. Blissful silence. I figured out what he was doing, but never let on to either of them. It was more fun to watch and just quietly chuckle to myself. Okay, so this might be my favorite story of all time… saddle up and make sure you read this one with a little rage in your heart. Let me start out with some background.

When I got my first place, it was incredible! Everything was cool and all, but I was on the first floor of a 3-floor apartment building.

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As expected, neighbors would be noisy… hmm, well the person that lived above me wore heels and most nights it sounded like she was running laps up there. Now we get to the good stuff. My second place was a town house. Shortly after moving in, I realized the neighbor to my right had his TV mounted on our shared wall… and he liked singing along to American Idol and also enjoyed letting his girlfriend scream at him all hours of the night. After a few months of misery, he finally moved out….

How to block a call on your cordless phone!

I had a few months of peace and quiet, but then the neighbors to my left now started making noise. Turns out a large family moved in next door and they liked their music… all hours of the morning, day, and night! I gave my last F one night after getting off of a long day of work and relentlessy pounded on the wall until the music stopped. This actually seemed to work temporarily, but then slowly, the music would start creeping back on. It got so bad that I left notes on their front door, which did nothing, so I actually got the landlord involved.

Things actually seemed to get worse…. One Sunday morning after a night of drinking a few too many beers I started hearing some thumping bass.

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Note that this was at about 7AM! Time to engineer a solution to this problem! I was seeing RED! The plan was to blow out their stereo system with a giant electromagnetic blast — yes, this was blind rage hacking! Then, suddenly, I had a moment of clarity. I noticed my handheld amateur radio sitting there on my desk. Maybe that will annoy them to the point to kill the music? Eh, why not test this out? So I walk over the wall that literally was bumping so loud with music that I could feel it vibrating to the touch.

I mean, the pictures on my walls were chattering. The rage was building… So I point the antenna to the wall… push the transmit button at some obscure frequency… and, and…. Yes, right after pressing the button, the music silenced!

Can you listen to cell phone calls with a scanner?

A few seconds later, the music came right back on. Hmm, could I have just timed it out perfectly that their music was in the middle of a song change? Time for another test — this is science after all : the experiment must be repeatable. I hit the button again… silence! Can you believe it! The radio had enough TX power to completely knock out their stereo. I messed with them all morning! It was so funny, every time I killed their music, I heard the whole family over there hootin and hollerin trying to figure out what was going on. The picture you see up there was actually my setup with my external antenna pointing right at there wall.

Why turn it off? Turn it UP instead! Many amplifiers un-mute when they receive volume up or down signals from the remote. If not, send mute — volume up to maximum — un-mute. That should properly scare the crap out of them. I would have just duct taped a 2 way radio to the wall. If you transmit anywhere close to a speaker it will fuck up the sound.

Yeah, IR hacking is trivial. But that would be mean Thought about using a tv-be-gone to modulate an IR laser. Then you would have a scoped sniper version where you could pick out every tv in a hi-rise one by one from a mile away. Hey Brian, Thanks for the great article. I sure learned a lot! My favorite part through was the link to the Patreon page. Love Always, AC. Me, I would just turn of their breaker for the apartment. Next step is to loosen one of the neutral wires on the breaker box.

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Nasty unbalanced loads on VAC. That would put V ac on appliances with more than one phase so risking more than only killing their stereo. This provides only the less interesting byword. Whether he CHA or not is another matter.

Not actually illegal, if: 1. He is licensed 2. His equipment is operating within FCC requirements. Not exactly sure about FCC not my country , but intentional interference is illegal virtually anywhere due to international treaties. Look it up for your country. The Amateur operator is not required to resolve the matter, but unfortunately many do just to keep the peace. Yet, us amateurs are stuck within the illegal interference from cheap consumer lighting, appliances, computers-you name it.

Again, only the ARRL helps. These pansy people give opinions rather than fact. Magic words, dude tte. Same day service.

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A safety issue will and should take precedent over RFI interference issues, but the interference issue should not be ignored. I used to have bad neighbors living floor below my flat. So when they became extra-annoying, I took a hammer and every day minute past 6 AM and minute before 10 PM I would pound floor in every room.

Timing was important because local law states that between 10 PM and 6 AM people must be quiet. Old cordless phones transmitted non-encrypted to their bases, so they were very easy to intercept. Pretty much every current cordless phone on the market uses encrypted communications and will keep your conversations private. I purchase a new iPhone 11pro and I did the face id log in setup. I completed the setup and and the phone worked really nice for security reasons. My younger son was able to open my phone with his face without any issues. I know we look alike but this was very strange so I redid my Face ID and it happen again.

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