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I searched google for this because of my issue which is what I assume u did as well! Really so amazing to see this post!

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Word for word it sounds like me! I love too much, give too much, and was a doormat. No one ever gave back to me and resentment eats me alive. My parents were horrible to me tho unlike yours.

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I need love so bad I cannot stand it. I neeeeed to feel love. It's like my oxygen but no one ever proves they love me w their actions, only ever the opposite! It's my fault for allowing them all to mistreat me but now I have a voice, and standing up for myself, but no one cares at all.

If you loved that much, you must have believed in God at some point. He used your love for others to see, whether or not you saw it yourself, they saw His love in you.

If you decide to do something for someone who you know will not appreciate it, but you love, then so, you will do so, because your love, although unappreciated, glorifies God. Yeah why doesn't the author give a solution.

Michael Kiwanuka - Love & Hate

I love this guy and he loves me too but he is not able to live up to my expectations which leads to hatred and according to him i cannot understand him for his reasons of not being able to live up to my expectations. I love my spouse but hate him because he broke his promise about having kids. Sometimes I wish he would simply leave. I hate my wife so much that I would love to smash her head on a glass sculpture that I love so much.

Love is complicated, isn’t it?

I love my wife so much that I would hate to serve her a divorce paper from a female attorney whom I love so much. My actions have broken so many hearts over time, it was only natural that my time would come. It did five years ago, but in the long one has been a good thing. I have learned. I have grown. I am better. And I know how to love. James www. When a loved one is careless towards you it hurts a lot more than if a total stranger does it.

Only we have been together for many many years, over half of my life he has made threats to kill me, as well. I remain sad and confused because I don't know why. You may say just leave him, but I've already had one failed marriage. I hate to start over again, especially at my age.

Easy it is not. The question is not how to start again, but how long can you live in this same situation. I think in romantic relationships it should be possible to find someone you feel only love for; in the end that is a matter of rational choice and decision, however painful and difficult it may seem at first.

However, when it comes to family it is even more difficult since you didn't choose them. What can you do when you love and hate your father, for instance? It seems that a unilateral decision to break up is tough, but continuing with the unfulfilling relationship is not an easy option either: caught between a rock and a hard place By the way, don't expect the other person to change, people hardly do, the older they get, the more inflexible they become, mostly,it seems, unfortunately In the end it may be about expressing true emotions and guarding borders, accepting that what you missed will never come, while still trying to value that which was good.

The glass is both half empty and half full, so no easy solutions, unless you think there are, let me know! We come from two completely different lifestyles. We have tried numerous ways to work it out but it's always the same. When I'm with him I hate it and always look for a way out. When I'm not with him I miss him so terribly that it actually hurts. I have broken up with him numerous times yet I always go back. He has done the same.

I love you, I hate you, goodbye.

He'll dump me and delete my phone number and then show up at my apartment because he can't get ahold of me. Everytime I stay over at his house I wake up in the morning with a feeling of needing to run out of there. I keep telling him that I need my life back. This hold he has on me is flat out exhausting and I can't take it.

I hate him and I love him.

Love and Hate and Why We Need Both

This constant extreme emotional situation leads to absolutely amazing sex. Sometimes we even tell each other that we hate each other right in the middle of it. The whole thing is completely crazy and unhealthy and I need to get out of it WOW you sound like the female version of me. I know the girl im with is not what i would dream of or ultimately want. So much stuff has happened that warrants me to hate her but I love her because im always on her social media's or checking in on her when we break up!

I really needa leave her alone but sex is amazing with her as well. IDK how many years ago you posted this but Email: indiapowerfulspell gmail. When I first finished the second spell kit first week of August, I went to contact my ex. Last time we spoke, he said to me that he wanted time to figure his feelings out about me, and his ex was still in the picture. He said that he would contact me once he takes care of things. Well, that day when I called him I got some info, which was that him and the ex girlfriend are back together, although things are a bit rocky. I was upset, and was depressed for few days, but was able to go on with my life, slowly, but surely.

I wasn't going to call him or anything, until I was ready to accept the fact that he's with someone else.

Then, the night of October 15th,my phone rang. It was him. He told me how I was right all along about everything, and that he missed me, him and the other girl have been broken up for few weeks already, etc etc!!!! I just wanted to let you know that at least the difficult part, which is to get back in touch with him, is done, and the other party is gone. Now, I need to have him to myself!!!!! Wish me luck I'm sure I will be contacting you again soon. I hate someone right now and wish him a world of pain but I know deep down I'm still hopelessly in-love with him and I am afraid that all he has to do is crook his finger and I'll go running back to him.

I'll let him hurt me all over again and so I have to hate him. That way, perhaps I'll remember that he is no good for me.