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They spent their time fishing and reading and playing roles in homemade movies shot by Wardlaw, who is now a filmmaker. The men never drank on the trip.

It has always been good, clean fun. At least fairly clean: One year Wardlaw turned on the water to take a shower, and it was running brown. He removed the shower head to find a beef bullion cube. But it wasn't until five summers later when Wardlaw, a photography enthusiast, decided it would be fun to recreate the photograph they'd taken in ' In , the now college-educated men sat in the same position on the same bench, again with a self-timed camera.

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  • Both the wedding dress and the groom's jacket were hand-made by the wife in the photos.!

The jar, a different one this time, contained no cockroach, and the hat held by Wardlaw was different as well. The expressions however, were unchanged. In , 15 years after the original photo, the men, then in their mids, decided to solidify the photo as a tradition they would continue every five years for the rest of their lives.

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Five guys, fun facts, through the decades. As the ritual became more concrete and when digital cameras were introduced, the group became more picky over the details of the photo, going as far as to wear the same clothes, and designate an official jar and hat as props. Hairstyles have changed over the years and with the march of time they abandoned the bare-chested motif. Now, the friends also take the time to film the ordeal, and interview each other concerning the last five years' events.

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The guys all agree that this trip has been the glue that has allowed them to maintain their friendships. Over the years, the friends have played parts in the milestones of each others' lives, including being in each others' weddings. Dickson, who now works as a restaurant columnist, got married in mid-July and had some of the guys in his wedding. In June, all five friends celebrated Dickson's bachelor party at the year anniversary of their Copco Lake tradition.

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  8. Molony, who has since relocated to New Orleans and works for UPS, is married, as is Wardlaw, who made a career of his love for photography and film. Burney is a fourth-grade teacher.

    Why photograph when every picture has already been made?

    Rumer, known as "Kram," now resides in Oregon and has retired after owning his own electronics company. None of the men have children yet. Even then, maybe someone will take a picture of an empty bench for us.

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    The seven pictures to date are framed and hang on the wall of the cabin. Where have you always wanted to go?

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