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Liability for slip and fall injures may arise based upon the defendants control or ownership of the premises where the injury occurred. For example, if a company rents their building for office space but does not own it, they still might be at fault for any and all accidents that occur due to safety violations; which would be under their jurisdiction at the time of the incident in accordance with their exclusive control of the interior of the rented property.

Whereas the buildings actual owner or landlord may be responsible for any bodily harm that comes from a slip and fall related injury that occurs outside the premises, such as injury from a trip and fall on the sidewalk or the parking lot.

Q: I was hurt at work. Why was my workers’ compensation claim denied?

Lack of negligence is the main bargaining chip in a personal injury lawsuit stemming from a slip and fall claim. Simply, the insurance company will argue that their client was not responsible for the incident that caused the injury. In addition, they can claim that they were not negligent in creating the hazard before the injury occurred and that they exercised due diligence and reasonable care in lessening or dealing with all dangers that could cause injury.

A good example of when a personal injury claim may be a good option after a work injury is with an auto accident. If you were driving for work when you were injured, you may be able to file a claim against other parties that were responsible for the accident.

Can Workers’ Comp IME Doctor Send You Back To Work?

For example, if you are driving a delivery truck when you are struck by a drunk or distracted driver , you can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. However, you have a right to know that there are other option out there for you when you are injured on the job. As someone who risks your safety everyday for your employer, knowing how you can recover costly damages may be the difference between financial ruin and complete recuperation.

Navigating the legal mazes that crop up when one has to deal with a work accident claim can prove almost impossible without an experienced personal injury lawyer at your side. Insurance companies have all kinds of strategies they like to employ to make sure they pay the least amount possible to a plaintiff. To better understand your case and which option is the most suitable for your situation, contact Dolman Law Group with one of the options below or email me at Jack dolmanlaw. You can reach us in one of these 4 ways:. Dolman, Esq. Brent Sibley, Esq. David Neiser, Esq. Julia Dolman, Esq.

Bryan Hannan, Esq. Alexander Knapp, Esq. Geoffery Pfeiffer, Esq. Rebecca Heist Dolman, Esq.

In a personal injury civil claim , you may have up to one, two, or even five years to file your civil lawsuit varies by states. Frequently, when you are injured on the job, you must notify your employer within a matter of days , or sometimes as soon as 24 hours.

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If you fail to meet that requirement, the employer may have a defense to your claim. A lien is the equivalent of a right to reimbursement. Get a free complimentary consultation with Georgia's Premier Personal Injury Attorney's ; we can fully protect your rights as an injury victim. Check out our practice areas! Call us; we can't change your injuries, but we can help make you whole again.

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Respondeat Superior The relationship between employers and employees who drive company vehicles falls under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior. What if you Were at Fault? Medical bills Out-of-pocket expenses Lost wages Pain and suffering Along with protecting the employee from paying damages, the employer will pay any legal fees if a lawsuit is filed against the employee by injured third parties.

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