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Although the financial situation is far from secure, Renewal House is slowly, but surely, developing a comprehensive, relatively stable financial base. For five years, Renewal House provided a men's self-help group for batterers wanting to change their behavior. In , the St. Lawrence Domestic Violence Task Force formed a committee to address the issue of forming a batterers group in St. As a result, a program was formed to address this issue.

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The new program is now called "The Offender Accountability Group". Catholic Charities in Ogdensburg oversees this program. The program consists of group meetings by alleged abusers. Members of the group can volunteer or are mandated by the courts to attend these meetings.

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A male and female facilitator conducts the groups. Participants are required to attend all meetings and are responsible for their own transportation and they pay on a sliding fee scale. It was a great opportunity to provide a permanent site for community members across our county. Barney, 38, of 21 Grinnell Ave, also pleaded not guilty July 30 to two counts of felony third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. The indictment charges on Feb. Barney possessed a half-ounce or more of cocaine with the intent to sell it.

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Cook, 35, and inmate in the St. Lawrence County jail, pleaded not guilty to the indictment charging him with third-degree burglary.

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The indictment charges on Jan. Cook entered and remained in a building at County Route 60, with the intent to commit a crime or crimes. Toby J.

Yaddow, 44, no address provided on the grand jury report, pleaded not guilty to the indictment charging him with first-degree criminal contempt. Yaddow violated a Feb.

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Morris when he struck, shoved or otherwise subjected the person protected under the order. Megan K.

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At p. Dunning operated a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0. As part of her plea deal, if Ms. Dunning abides by the terms and conditions of her interim probation, she will be allowed to vacate her felony plea at final sentencing on July 12 and plead to a misdemeanor and be placed on two years of probation.

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Terry J. Gordon, 38, of 16 Court St. Thank you for reading! Purchase a Subscription. Sign Up. Log In. The People prepared a risk assessment instrument that included the 90 points assessed by the Board, but also assessed 10 points for both risk factors 12 and 15, thereby presumptively designating defendant as a risk level three sex offender points.

Following a hearing, County Court found that defendant was a presumptive risk level two sex offender, based upon the score of 90 points as submitted by the Board, but granted the People's request for an upward departure and classified him as a risk level three sex offender. Defendant now appeals.

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We affirm. Defendant contends that County Court abused its discretion in granting the People's request for an upward departure to a risk level three sex offender.

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  • Sabin, A. Parisi, A. County Court determined that an upward departure was warranted based upon defendant's victimization of his 12—year—old daughter. Michaux, A. The fact that the victim was defendant's daughter is not taken into account by the risk assessment guidelines see People v. Mantilla, 70 A.