Second degree child molestation missouri arrested

The prosecuting attorney's office was asking for 12 years in prison.

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On the eve of trial, the defendant decided to do an Alford plea and reject the prosecutor's offer. After a very lengthy sentencing hearing, the court sentenced defendant to three years in the Department of Corrections. Matthew Radefeld handled the defense to wit the defendant was satisfied with the outcome.

A government employee was charged with two counts of statutory rape and two counts of incest.

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The prosecutors wanted to send the defendant to prison for 15 years, but through arguments presented at sentencing the court sentenced him to five years' probation. Matthew Radefeld handled the defense. A Clayton man was accused of statutory sodomy in the second degree and production of child pornography in relation to an internet website. After discussions with the prosecuting attorney's office and a thorough investigation conducted by Matthew Radefeld — all charges were refused.

This prevented defendant from going to prison and ever having to register as a sex offender. An Army intelligence officer was being investigated by Criminal Investigation Division CID agents regarding allegations of sexual assault of a subordinate officer while in Iraq.

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Matthew Radefeld, as civilian defense counsel, was able to conduct a thorough investigation despite all of the military bureaucracy, and show that the accuser was not credible and had actually made false accusations in the past. The CID dropped all charges, and nothing was put on the officer's service record. A Ferguson man was charged with two counts of sexual misconduct and two counts of child molestation.

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After depositions and a year of investigation, Matthew Radefeld was able to convince the prosecutor to amend the charges to nonsex offender registerable offenses with two years' probation. As civilian defense counsel, Matthew Radefeld was able to get charges dismissed against an Air Force senior airman for various charges surrounding the alleged molestation of her daughter.

After a four-day court-martial, the commanding officer of the service member stepped in and resolved the matter as it was clear that she had no idea her daughter was being molested by her husband. A Department of Defense civilian contractor had just returned from Iraq when he was accused of forcible rape and sodomy against his girlfriend. After discussions with the prosecuting attorney's office and investigating officers, Matthew Radefeld was able to show them why the girlfriend's accusations were not credible.

The charges were refused, and the contractor was able to go back to Iraq for another tour. A Lincoln County man was charged with child molestation in the first degree and was facing up to 15 years in prison. Attorneys conducted a thorough preliminary hearing, investigation of witnesses and finally a decisive deposition of the alleged victim. The day after the alleged victim was deposed, the state dismissed the charges completely.

Hillcrest High coach, fired Monday, charged with statutory rape, child molestation

Cape Girardeau County jury returned a not guilty verdict on a statutory rape in the first-degree case filed against a Perryville man. The allegations were that the he had sex with a year-old girl. The charges were finally brought almost two years later. The defense presented evidence that the two girls testifying for the state were lying about the allegations and falsely accusing the defendant. The jury was out for less than 45 minutes before returning the acquittal.

Matthew Radefeld tried the case for the defense. A Lincoln County man was arrested and questioned about sexually abusing his year-old daughter when she was a child. Since this was still within the statute of limitations, there was serious concern that the man could be charged.

Matthew Radefeld investigated the matter, and was able to show evidence and documentation to the police and prosecutors that these claims were not credible, but rather the product of counseling that brought forth false memories. A year-old St. Louis city man was found not guilty by a jury of three counts of statutory sodomy first degree and two counts of child molestation. Evidence and testimony was presented that the complaining witness who was 14 at the time of trial was angry with the defendant for spanking her and made up the allegations.

Dan Juengel tried the case for the defense. A De Soto man charged with statutory sodomy first degree and child molestation against his stepson had both charges dropped after testimony from the year-old child that the alleged abuse may have been a dream and not real. The biological father owed the child's mother thousands of dollars in back child support, and the defense contended she was brainwashing the child and the boy was confused.

The defense showed that no one could tell if there really was abuse, if it was just a dream or if it was a product of repeated questioning by his mother. The defendant was facing 10 years to life in prison. Dan Juengel handled the case and preliminary hearing where the key testimony was elicited. Louis city man was arrested and held for being a registered sex offender living within feet of a school. After careful investigation by the defense, the charges were immediately dropped, and he was released before his first court date.

After having just returned from a tour in Iraq, a U. The woman filed an order of protection against him. At the OP hearing, Matthew Radefeld cross-examined the alleged victim and was able to show the court that she was lying. The court denied her request for a restraining order. Also at the hearing was the prosecuting attorney who listened to the alleged victim's cross-examination, and quickly realized that they did not have a case and subsequently refused all charges against the service member.

Since this time, the rape arrest has been expunged from his permanent arrest record.

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A civilian contractor for the U. Army was accused by the Criminal Investigation Division of raping and sodomizing an employee while on a military installation. After Matthew Radefeld conducted his own investigation of potential witnesses and presented his findings to CID agents, the installation's JAG prosecutors refused to file charges against the contractor in federal court.

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A Pike County jury returned not guilty verdicts on three felony counts of child molestation filed against a Hannibal woman, who was a former director of an area college. The case arose out of a custody battle where the defendant's ex-husband was a probation and parole officer, and former Division of Family Services worker. The defense presented evidence that the child was repeatedly questioned and brainwashed by the ex-husband and his new wife.

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