What is a fdn phone list

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No outgoing calls can be made to any numbers, other than those in the list of fixed dialing numbers, or emergency numbers. Even if the SIM card is plugged into a different phone - calls to numbers other than the allowed ones are not possible. Form is loading Comment feed for this post. This section can only be displayed by javascript enabled browsers.

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what is fdn phone list

This will not affect google voice, since when you make a google voice call it is an incoming, not an outgoing call from your phone. If I remember correctly, there is a setting on the google voice page to control how your calls appear on caller id random number or GV number If you want to use FDN, the default PIN2 is , keep in mind that t-mobile does not support the use of this feature, so if you lock yourself out they may not be able to help you.

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What is FDN in mobile phone

Is there anyway to have GV use a fixed access number. But when gv changes acess numbers and I don't catch it fast enough, I get charged. As far as I am aware from my knowledge of using google voice and from searching there is not a way to prevent the access numbers from changing.

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If you want to use one number for all your calls, you can start by calling your own GV number and selecting option 2 place a call from the main menu. Post Reply Subscribe to Thread.

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