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Each computer that gets connected to a network is given a different IP address, so that each computer can be identified and communicated with individually.

A word about accuracy:

When you link different computers together, a computer network is formed. You can have a computer network contained completely inside your home; in fact, if you have an internet connection at home that gets shared by all your different computers, laptops and ipods then you already have your own network!

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In the case of most home and business networks e. On the private network, each computer will have it's own "internal" IP Address, but externally, all the computers on that private network will appear to have the same IP Address. So that's why if you load this webpage on two different computers on the same private network, it will show the same IP Address at the top: because they are coming from the same network, even though on the private network those two computers have different IP Addresses.

Essentially: yes. Your ISP knows exactly where you are because they have your billing details linked to your IP Address , however to most other people, websites and organisations, IP Addresses can usually only reflect an approximate location perhaps at a suburb level. You always need an IP Address to do anything on the internet If you don't want web servers to be able to see which IP Address you are coming from, you can use a " VPN " service, which puts another network link in front of your computer; so that it seems like your traffic is coming out of a different location.

Using a VPN will not fix all your privacy or anonymity problems, but it is a good start.

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To understand this you need to understand how you are assigned an IP Address in the first place, and there are a few scenarios regarding how this happens, however essentially what happens is that in some way your Internet Service Provider will provide you with your public IP. Getting a new IP address involves getting your ISP to provide you with a new one and there are a few ways this can happen: and this basically depends on your arrangement with them. The situations below are general outlines only: ultimately it comes down to your arrangement with your ISP and if you have any doubts you should contact them for more information regarding your actual situation.

Please note that this is different to "hiding" your IP address as with a VPN or similar - this describes simply changing your IP address.


Depending on the type of internet connection your internet has, this may be a "fixed" IP Address. If your IT Team has organised a high bandwidth connection to support tens or hundreds of employees at the same office location then it's very likely that this IP address would be static and never change; and thus there's nothing that can be done to change your IP address.

Your internet traffic will appear to come from the same place as all the other employees. In our experience most home internet connections will have a dynamic IP address. ISPs have pools of IP addresses and will randomly pick one out and assign it to every new internet connection. Often rebooting your router is enough to cause it to be assigned a different IP address. In some cases, while your internet connection technically has a dynamic IP address, even when you reboot your router your ISP will still give you the same IP for a few days, weeks or months.

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It will instead remain in your own system. Localhost has the IP address This refers back to your own server. To communicate with each other within a network IP addresses are used. The participants in the network has their own unique address. The Internet Protocol is responsible for allowing the IP address and subnet mask to address subscribers in a network during the transmission. But certain address ranges are reserved for special purposes, like the range from There is no reliable information on why that range was chosen.

IP addresses on the internet are divided into different classes. The first class Class A started with 0. Its important position could have been the reason for its selection. Within this address range a Localnet can be set up. The special thing about this range is that IP addresses are not uniquely assigned in it, as is usually the case.

If you enter an IP address or corresponding domain name in your browser, the router forwards your request to the internet which corrects you to the server.

This means that if you enter The requests to this address will not be forwarded to the internet. This then triggers the loopback. The reason why loopback device is created so that the back link to your own computer works. Through the operating system this is a virtual interface that is created. The interface is called lo or lo0 and can also be displayed using the ifconfig command in Unix systems. A similar command for Windows is ipconfig. What is localhost used for? Developers use the local host to test web applications and programs. Network administrators use the loopback to test network connections.

Another use for the localhost is the hosts file, where you can use the loopback to block malicious websites. For Testing Purposes — Web servers mainly use the local host for the programming applications that need to communicate over the internet.

During development, it is important to find out whether the application actually works as developed once it has internet access. As we can see that there is a difference between opening a HTML document on your PC or loading it onto a server and accessing it. So loopback is used by developers to test them. They can stimulate a connection while also avoiding the network errors. The connection just stays completely inside their own system.

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Another advantage of using localhost for testing purposes is the speed. Usually more than milliseconds are taken when you send a request over the internet. The maximum transmission time is just one millisecond for sending a ping to localhost. The correctness of the internet protocol can also be implemented using this technology.